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The Chapel of Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz chapel was built by colonial France in 1850 on the heights of Jebel Murdjadjo, the construction of this building was decided because of an epidemic of cholera which caused thousands of deaths a year earlier among the Oran population.  It has been restored many times over the years, whether by France during colonization or by Algeria after independence.

Count about twenty minutes by car to get from the city center to the chapel. Arrival on the spot calm reigns, the place releases a serene climate and an appreciable freshness because of the forest of pines which surround it and its position in height.  From the chapel, the view of the bay and the city of Oran is breathtaking. By walking a little on the other side of the mountain side it is also possible to see the bay of Mers El Kébir.  Every year, thousands of tourists go to Santa Cruz which is now one of the most visited tourist places in Oran.